Kangundo MP urges leaders to shun divisive politics


Kangundo member of parliament Fabian Muli has urged Machakos leaders to avoid divisive politics and instead concentrate on fulfilling their obligation to the residents.

Muli who spoke during a burial ceremony in Mbusyani Kangundo sub county of Machakos county said that leaders should stop the the tug of war concerning Machakos gubernatorial politics.

He said that the case is in the supreme court and people should avoid talking about it until a decision id made.

“Before we start fighting each other or creating a rift among our people let’s remember the by-election hasn’t been decided yet by the supreme court”Said Muli.

He said that people should be patient until the case is determined by the court next month before they tear each other apart.

“A case in court isn’t a topic for discussion let’s watch the space as we wait for the ruling then we can know which way to follow if the Court decides on a re-run or if it decides Mutua should continue reigning so be it”,He said.

He cited that Governor Alfred Mutua os still the governor as per the law pay and he and Wavinya are Kambas and anyone of them winning the seat incase of a by-election is a win for Machakos people.

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He also urged residents to maintain peace as political temperatures begin to rise.

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