Meet the most learned and disciplined boda boda operators in Kitui county

Ngilu promised better working environment for bodaboda riders in Kitui if she becomes the next boss. Photo/FB
The mention of boda boda sends different negative thoughts to many with a large number thinking majority of these youths are very insecure people.
Picking a random boda to rush you home at the ungodly hour is at someone’s risk for some of them are said to be thieves.
Most people prefer having ‘personal’ bikes which they are trust as opposed to taking a ride with any that passes them.
Migwani boda boda operators have been lauded by the ward administrator, Benard Musili for being the most disciplined, learned and with a high degree of maturity.
‘Migwani district hospital has no boda boda casualties except for the unavoidable accidents this reflecting how disciplined these young men are, ‘  Mr. Benard stated.
According to the area Mca, Phillip Nguli popularly known as Kalumaita, this group of determined young men are also well educated with some of them holding degrees in different fields.
‘ Some of our brothers are very learned only that the level of unemployment in Kenya is very high this forcing them to operate boda bodas in order to put something on the table, ‘ Mca Kalumaita stated.
Mutuku Mwinzi, a boda operator told Kitui Online that any case of indiscipline is severely dealt with.
‘ Anyone involved in any form of indiscipline like robbery is excommunicated, ‘ Mutuku said.
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