An increase in fuel price indicates hiked fares


 Mwingi based motorists have lamented on high cost of fuel in all petrol stations in the town following  the fuel prices going up after the 16% VAT on fuel commodities in the country.

Maliti Mengi who is a Bodaboda operator at Mwingi town said that motorists in the town have been forced to charge their customers higher prices so as to enable them compensate for the the increased charged of fuel.

Mengi said that initially they were charging Ksh 50 for Bodaboda services within Mwingi town, but now the fare has hiked to 70.

‘we are left minus options and this makes us charge Ksh.20 more than the usual amount for our services in order to cope with this oppressing life,’ he said

Daniel Nguli, another Bodaboda operator at Mwingi town called upon the government to lower the prices of fuel so as to make their businesses operational, as their customers are complaining others opting to walk than calling a boda.

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Stanley Munyithya, a business operator at Mwingi town says that increase in fuel prices will directly impact on the cost of other commodities and in turn make life unbearable for Kenyans.


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