Things you shouldn’t say to a pregnant woman

A pregnant woman/wnyc
A pregnant woman/wnyc

A pregnant woman is a delicate being and how you address her should be different to how you address other women.

Before making a comment about a paged woman you should sieve and weigh your words before you utter them.

Here are some of the things you should never tell a pregnant woman.

1.You mean you haven’t given birth
She knows very well her bump is big but anytime you continue twlling her you thought she gave birth long ago there are chances she will get pissed off.

2.You are eating alot
Some people without appetite tend to eat alot during pregnancy and that should not be cause for alarm.
One should not  complain after the late night weird cravings,just let her be remember she needs the food because of the baby.

3.You are sweating too much
Sweating is a normal thing during pregnancy. Sweating involves the removal of toxic substances from her body. Never tell your pregnant wife or friend that she is sweating too much. Women get annoyed by small things.

4.Giving birth is painful
Especially first time mums are always scared of the moment they will get into labour. Stop scaring them of how hectic and painful childbirth can be instead encourage and congratulate them.

5.My friend said she hated being pregnant is not necessary to tell her. Do you want her to hate herself? Women need more than what you think during this period. Be a source of encouragement to her during such times in her life.




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