County MP adopts Governor Kibwana’s development slogan, ‘O Kila Nyumba Kalia’

Irene Kasalu aspiring Kitui County Women Rep.

Kitui County Women Representative Hon. Irene Kasalu has vowed to deliver her election pledges to the county residents during her reign in office.The county lawmaker added that five needy students from each of the county’s 40 wards are now under full sponsorship by National Government Affirmative Action Fund, NGAF to further their education at various levels.Dr. Kasalu said these words while addressing Kitui locals on Monday 3rd September, 2018 where she called for fund leaders transparency and accountability when allocating NGAF to countys administrative units.

The county parliamentarian further said one student per ward shall be supported financially by the funds allocated to her Women Rep. position, NGAF to fulfill their education dreams.The beneficiaries shall be those needy students who dropped out of school due to financial constraints, forced early marriages and those forced to flee from school due to the early pregnancies.The county locals were directly involved in the appointment of those in need of financial support.Kasalu repeatedly assured her efforts to ensure each ward gets its NGAF share, using the word ‘kila nyumba maziwa’ frequently during her speech, Governor Kivutha Kibwana’s development slogan for Makueni County.

Kasalu expressed her gratefulness to the local residents for their joint efforts that ensured those at verge of dropping out of school got appointed to benefit from the education sponsorship.

Later in the day, the legislator launched Ksh 12M cheque set to benefit 500 county based self help groups in betterment of their economic operations.She clarified that NGAF is non-refudandle funds , should be reach everyone, and be utilized well to propel forward and boost their livelihood standards.Dr. Kasalu added that if Kitui county leads in effective utilisation of its share countrywide, Kitui County Commisioner shall call for an increment in county’s share nationwide.

To facilitate water harvesting and conservation, the MP disclosed that five schools in each of the county’s 40 Assembly Wards are set to get a water tankShe promised to be touring each ward to disburse NGAF funds within the week to facilitates local daily operation needs.

Hon. Kasalu was accompanied by Education among other Senior County officers who reiterated her words and praised her determined efforts to alleviate locals from poverty.

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