OPINION: Worst performing MCA’s in Kitui County

Governor Charity Ngilu with Mulango Ward MCA Hon. James Nzamba
By Mutinda, Guest Writer 

The major role of the Members of the County Assembly is legislation, representation, and oversight.

In addition, the County Governments Act stipulates the role of the Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) under Section 9

Additionally MCA should maintain close contact with the electorate. He or she should consult them on issues before or under discussion in the county assembly.

With this devolved unit performance of the same has either been Good or bad.

For some reason I decide to pen down my opinion on two of the worst performing MCAs in Kitui county.

Countywide (Kitui), residents have tried to give their opinion on MCA’s performances. Much talked about MCAs are Mulango and Township MCAs, all for the wrong reasons.

Township ward under the leadership of Hon Anthony Ndoo is one of the few wards that have had not touch and feel of the member of county Assembly. Ndoo is said to have double auctioned CLIDP tenders during 2016/2017 financial year.

His electorates continue to ‘enjoy’ smelly dumbing sites, unattended sewerage.

“Our township mca is doing nothing in style. He is busy building his own recreational garden” John Mulwa Township resident.

Number two in the list is Mulango’s finest Mheshimiwa Nzamba James who was only elected by Mulango electorates as a punishment to former Mayor.

Reason why I think Nzamba will have hard time to make a come back in 2022 is that Mulango residents feel Nzamba neglected his people to co-represent Township with Ndoo.


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