Kivaa students protest against principal


More than 400 students from Kivaa secondary school in Masinga sub county of Machakos county on Wednesday staged a walkout from their school to the deputy county commissioner’s office.

The lot walked over seven kilometres to present their grievances.

They were protesting bad governance by the school principal Mr.Munyao calling for immediate action to be taken against him.

The students claimed that the principal has totally failed in running the school.

“He has made us close school early twice claiming that there’s no money to run the school where we were forced to go home without our end term exam results”, Said one of the students representative.

They claimed that the principal has been sacking Parents,Teachers Association teachers every now and then leaving highly populated schools without enough teachers.

Masinga deputy county commissioner Stephen Momanyi told the press that he together with the sub county education officer Dancun Odhiambo had heard the grievances and would look into it.

He told the students to go back to school as they find a solution to the problem.

The students were put in a bus and escorted back to their school.


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