Machakos residents irked by increased stray dogs


Residents of Machakos town are up in arms against the increased population of stray dogs.

They have appealed to the county government of Machakos to step in and get rid of stray dogs in the area.

Mjini and kariobangi residents lamented that these dogs are posing a threat to the local community more so children who are forced to stay indoors.

They claimed that the dogs have been roaming around unattended and if the public health personell mandated to attend to such situations won’t act fast the situation might get out of hand.

“The county government should act immediately before these dogs cause a menace”, Said Sandra Mueni a Kariobangi resident.

She said that these dogs might have the dreaded rabies disease which is very dangerous if not treated immediately.

She observed that their children are also in danger if they get bitten by these dogs.

” If our kids are bitten by the dogs which might have rabies then they may be infected with the deadly disease. We are now forced to keep them indoors”,She added.

She said that veterinary officers should be sent to advise residents on proper ways of handling their pets as a way of curbing such situations.



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