I welcome President Uhuru’s VAT proposal but…. , Wavinya Ndeti


Former Kathiani member of parliament Wavinya Ndeti has welcomed president Uhuru Kenyatta’ proposal to reduce VAT on petroleum by 8%.

On her facebook account Wavinya hailed the president for his decision since the tax will move from 16% to 8%.

“I welcome President Uhuru Kenyatta’s proposal on reduction of VAT on petroleum products , She said.

She however went ahead to claim that the reduction is not enough since the Mwananchi still has a burden to bear.

She urged the executive to devise ways and methods that will ensure curbing of the rising cost of living .

Wavinya said that the high cost of living is negatively affecting majority Kenyans who struggle to earn their livelihood.

“However, that alone isn’t enough. I urge the Executive to urgently put in place stringent measures to curb the rising cost of living that is negatively affecting majority of Kenyans”, She stated.

Ndeti also urged president Uhuru Kenyatta to decisively deal with the run-away corruption that has been a thorn in the flesh of our economy.

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On Friday president Uhuru Kenyatta called upon the Parliament to cut the fuel Value Added Tax (VAT) by 50 per cent.

He said he expects the relevant authorities not to take advantage of weary Kenyans and to lower the prices without any delay.


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