MCA allegedly sponsors youths to heckle and embarrass CDF Chair

Crowds gather around the scene.
Nguutani Member of County Assembly, Stephen Ileve Katana went out of order by allegedly sponsoring youths to cheer and heckle on as he embarrassed  Mwingi West CDF Chair.
The Mca face to face told Mutinda Munuve, the CDF chair he is too old and should be at home and not in the offices of CDF as his hired goons cheered and made fun of him.
This unpleasant occurrence went down at a baraza called by the area Mp, Charles Nguna at Nzawa market early this week which left residents demanding for apologies from the Mca.
‘You owe the people of Nzawa ,all retirees and elders an apology,’ a resident said
‘The CDF Chair, is an asset to Nguutani ward,nzawa location ,and  Mwingi west as a whole,’ a Nzawa resident pointed.
‘He was selected on merit and gazetted as such,’ another disappointment Nguutani resident added.
Speaking to Kitui Online, Paul Mutua, a business man in the area said it is okay to criticize but respect must be observed.
‘The CDF chairman must be a mature and experienced person and Munuve fits the bill,’ he concluded
‘You owe an apology to all men of and over retirement age as your remarks demonstrate that after that age ,they are obsolete for any service and are at least supposed to stay home and await death,’ a disturbed Nguutani contractor told the Mca.
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