County partners with NGO to support bee farmers

Benefits of pure Honey

Kitui county bee keepers will be soon benefiting from the apiary project that has been set up by an NGO in partnership with the county government to equip them with better honey harvesting and processing techniques.Dorcus Relief and Project in partnership with the county government launched the pilot project set to produce four tonnes of honey within a period of six months it’s set to operate.

Ronald Mobasi, the NGO Manager said Sh 3M has been set aside for the project.Also, the organization shall be rallying the bee farmers to form cooperatives to boost honey volume produced to 100 tones. Upon the success of pilot project, the locals are projected to benefit Sh 25M annually.

The manager rolled out the organization’s plans while adressing the bee keepers at Kitui Agricultural Training Centre on Wednesday 12th September, a meeting that had brought together chicken and bee farmers from Kitui.The workshop was organized to impart bee and indigenous chicken farmers with importance of value chain assessment.It’s estimated that a total of 15M will be drawn out annually from the project upon it’s success.

Mr. Temi Mutua, Governor’s Value Chain Adviser said the county shall be securing markets for the farmer’s honey.He further advised the farmers to form their cooperative societies to help them process and market their honey.

The bee keeping project is in line with Governor Ngilu’s pillar of wealth creation to relief the locals from frequent over-reliance on aid and donations.The realisation of project’s projected goals shall boost the farmers income hence bettering their lives.Mutia further confirmed the county shall embark on training farmers on modern honey farming and harvesting techniques to meet competitive honey market.

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