If you are broke, kindly stick to your wife



What business do you have with more than one woman if your wallet has nothing to offer and a dormant account?



This is the first question the writer is asked by Mr. Muthui, not his real name for security purposes, for slay queens might hunt him.



Muthui is handsome, well packaged, ‘monied’, tall, slender, chocolate in complexion and he is in his early forties if not late thirties. Qualities any female money lover would die for.



Muthui, a name that means a rich man in Kamba language is a responsible family man not forgetting so many younger side dishes for his cash flow never dries up.




‘Any man minus cash should be loyal to the wife for she loved him that way thus forgetting side divas for it is well known that there is no romance without finance,’ Muthui pointed out.


Additionally, your true wife will take care of kibarua cash having in mind there’s tomorrow’s lunch, school fees and etc unlike Mpango wa kando whose teeth have a ‘eating’ only specicilization.



In the world we are in today, money has become the only thing that determines it ‘all’. Winning ‘anyone’ becomes easier plus a fat wallet and a four wheel drive land cruiser.


For the same reason, when it comes to cash subject your wallet determines your ‘partner(s)’. Determination will be in two automatic forms, number and look of the side chiq.


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