Vocal Wiper MPs defy their master on 8% fuel levy

Hon. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, Wiper Party leader

A section of Ukambani MPs have defied their party leader’s take on the proposed 8% fuel levy by voting against the President’s Memorandum on Financial Bill 2018.Makueni and Mwingi Central MPs opted to follow electorates will on the matter and vowed to vote against the proposed taxation during todays parliamentary proceedings.The two argued the local Kenyans would get subjected to higher taxation rates if such was to be passed by the National Assembly.

Daniel maanzo at a past event/facebook

Hon. Daniel Maanzo of Makueni constituency had earlier today confirmed to be voting as per his electorates will and not the Wiper party’s will on the matter that would see Kenyans tighten their belts to meet the proposed fuel taxes if the financial bill was to be passed by the law makers and ascented to by the president.Wiper leadership led by Kalonzo Musyoka had earlier agreed to be in total agreement to President Kenyatta’s proposals to the Financial Bill 2018 following a meeting that brought together the party executive and a section of legislators countrywide.However, the two Ukambani Wiper party MPs took a different path on the proposed fuel taxes and rejected the bill proposals altogether.

“The instructions I have from the people of Makueni, despite the party position is that VAT be zero-rated.I will vote against the VAT,” Hon. Maanzo.

Hon Gideon Mulyungi, Mwingi central MP adressing Nguni residents on police brutality

His Mwingi Central counterpart Hon. Gedion Mulyungi took the same path taken by Maanzo disobeying Wiper party’s will for the sake of his Mwingi people.The two declared to be in total support to their electorates wishes of having the fuel tax scrapped to reduce the likely burden if bill provisions are to be passed into law.He further added Kenyans would be forced to tighten their belts and adjust to face the newly expected commodity prices upon implementation of financial bill that would see 8% increment on fuel tax.

“Mr. Speaker where I am coming from, Mwingi Central , I was sent by my constituents to come and say they do not want an increment on their living standards,” said Hon. Mulyungi.

The two advocated to the locals desire for a zero rated VAT on fuel hence their total rejection to the proposed fuel levy citing the increment to locals living standards if bill provisions were to be passed to law.

The Kitui Central MP Makali Mulu. Photo/ Citizentv

Responding to the House Speaker Hon. Justice Muturi on the same issue, Kitui Central MP Hon. Makali Mulu said the MP’s opted to walk out of the house and couldn’t be counted present in the house proceedings.He further said the NO team lost following the the massive withdrawal of members from the Parliament chambers before the counting was done paving way for YES team’s success.

“Mr. Speaker nobody stood, they just started walking out.So the issue is should they have stood where they were to be counted so that we go for a division or should they have walked out.I think from that point we lost it” said Mulu.

Irene has declared her interest in Mwala parliamentary seat, now held by Eng. Vincent Musyoka.

Governor Mutua’s Maendeleo Chap Chap Party MP for Mwala Hon. Vincent Musyoka also camped in the NO team arguing the voting had nothing to do with party affiliations.He expressed his concerns for the suffering the locals would undergo if the memorandum gets implemented into law.Musyoka said the life is becoming more difficult for the common man hence his stand for zero rated VAT on petroleum.

“Todays vote has nothing to do with party affiliations, the vote is NO.We want zero percent on petroleum not 8%, not even 1%.life is becoming difficult for the common man,” said Musyoka.

Kitui South MP, Hon. Rachael Kaki Nyamai

However, Kitui South MP Hon. Rachael Nyamai sailed on a different ship after she confirmed to be in total agreement for the fuel levy reduction from current 16% to 8% as proposed by the president.

“Without shame, fear of contradiction, I support VAT reduction from 16% to 8%,” said Kaki Nyamai.

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