Msinichome aki, Mwingi witch cries


An elderly man has narrowly escaped painful death this morning at Migwani town, Mwingi west of Kitui county for allegedly being a witch.

The old man scooped soil in Migwani probox stage with unknown  motives when a driver saw him and alerted the others.
They immediately ganged up against him, tied his hands and put a tire around his waist ready to roast him.
The alleged witch cried to the angry mob not to set him ablaze for he was sent by one Kasingili to collect the soil.
The elderly man pleads to angry mob not to kill him
‘Msinichome aki, nimetumwa na Kasingili yule wa Kaliluni nichukue huu mchanga,’ the man cried out.
Umeacha akiganga wangapi?
Amekutuma uchukue mchanga wa kazi gani?
Mbona hukuenda kuchukua mchanga kanisani?
Mnataka tuwe tukifanya ajali sio?
These were among too many questions asked by the impatient growing crowd who were ready to terminate the man.
‘sorcerers should not be given chances to live, weka hiyo tire vizuri,’ a driver shouted.
Luckily, Migwani police arrived on time and rescued the man who took him to Migwani police post.
It is popularly believed in Ukambani that if soil is scooped from a certain area, there is a dark plan by the sorcerers followed by bad omen.
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