Relief for elderly women in Kitui South as local MP settles their health cover on K-CHIC

Kitui South MP Hon. Rachael Kaki Nyamai meets elderly women during her Weekend Tour to Mutomo/Kibwea Ward, pays their registration fee to K-CHIC

Kitui South legislator Hon. Rachael Kaki Nyamai shined a ray of hope to the elderly women residing in her constituency by settling fully their health cover under governor Ngilu’s K-CHIC programme.Kaki paid K-CHIC registration fee for tens of less privileged elderly women at Syomithumo village, Mutomo/Kibwea Ward during her Weekend Tour, where she attended the send off ceremony of the late Esther Kanywa at her rural village home, Uae Sub-Location, Mutomo ward.

Her aid comes in at time when the massive countywide registration for the locals was at its peak with little time left for the exercise to close at the village level.The exercise targets reaching the highest number possible of the beneficiaries to alleviate them from setbacks they face while seeking treatment.

Kitui County Health Insurance Cover, K-CHIC Card unveiled by Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu to cater for the locals health costs at the public hospitals

K-CHIC is one of governor Ngilu’s health flagship health programmes geared towards realisation of her second pillar of healthcare to the county locals. Under the program, the applicants are set to benefit free treatment in all public hospitals, also caters for the mortuary fee.The county’s ministry of Public Health and Sanitation has devolved the K-CHIC registration massive campaign at village level to reach a higher number of beneficiaries.

Hon. Nyamai settled health cover for the while she attended the send off ceremony of the late Esther Wayua Kanywa at Uae Sub-Location.The former Kitui Siuth MP Hon. Mwangu Ivuti, area MCA Hon. David Masaku, youth leaders led by by Ryan Tei who all echoed Hon. Kaki’s words had also attended the burial ceremony.

Hon. Rachael Nyamai meets Youth Leaders and elderly women from Kitui South during her Weekend Tour to Mutomo

She cited the various health challenges these elderly undergo while seeking treatment at various health centres.Some families are forced to sell their pieces of lands to finance their hospital bills.

Her words were echoed by the political and church leaders who had gathered to mourn with the hundreds of villagers for the late Esther Wayua.

Source : Steve Mumbu

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