University lovebirds caught pants down in a bush.


Two first-year students found themselves in trouble after they were caught making out in the bush near the famed Moi University’s waterfalls in Uasin Gishu County on Saturday.

According to an old man who was looking after his cattle when he caught them, the two, Kevin Njoroge and Lillian Moraa were having a romantic moment under a tree when he bumped into them.

The old man, Edwin Kiplagat who apparently considered the act extremely immoral raised alarm while accusing the two of engaging in sex at a public place.

“This is so unacceptable. We have children who use this road to go to the market and school. How do you think they will start reasoning if they see you engaging in adult activities out in the open,” the man shouted.

The enraged man raised alarm attracting a small crowd of students going to waterfalls and some villagers.

The two students on the other hand denied the allegations saying they having their lunch under a tree and only kissed and did not have sex.

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“We were having our lunch under the tree. The old man happened to have passed by while we were kissing and got pissed off,” Njoroge explained.

The old man however could not hear anything they said even after them denying claims of engaging in the immoral act in a public place, and continued to shout at them creating more and more attention.

The two “freshers”, Kevin Njoroge and Lillian Moraa, embarrassed and angry at the old man were forced to walk away of the already growing crowd.

He caught the two while looking after his cows near the waterfall frequented by Moi University students.

According to residents, these scenes are popular where the university students and other young people frequent the waterfall to engage in intimate affairs and drugs.

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