Woman attacks her husband for denying her conjugal rights

A man being rescued by villagers from attack by his wife

Residents of Nyangena village,Nyamira County were treated to a free drama after a woman attacked her husband for allegedly denying him sex.

Emily Ndiege claimed that her husband only identified as Ndiege has been returning home late night and subsequently failing to do the ‘necessary’

“My husband has been returning home at 2 am daily for the last 3 months and fails to perform his duty. I had to attack him and remind him that I am a human being with a functional body,” she said.
Mrs. Emily accused her husband, who is a teacher at a local school,of taking much time with friends hence abandoning her and failing to perform his marital duties.

“He has been moving around with other men drinking alcohol after work only to come home late night when I am deeply asleep. It is time he should wake up and satisfy me in bed,” she added.

Elders led by Michael Obaga urged Ndiege to take time and attend to his wife.

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“Ndiege has a good wife and he should attend to her for the sake of satisfying her sexual needs,” Obaga said.

However, Ndiege defended himself stating his reason for not attending to his wife as that she is breastfeeding their 2 year-old daughter.

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