Another case of medical negligence as cotton wool is left in woman’s womb after surgery


A woman is suffering after cotton was allegedly left in her womb after undergoing surgery.

Jane Kageni Mureithi claims that on August 26, 2018 she visited what she says is one of the leading private hospitals in Nairobi for surgery.

One of the gynecologists at the prominent hospital performed surgery on her to remove fibroids, which had been affecting her for some time.

Unfortunately for her, things went south when she started experiencing complications shortly after the operation.

The 49-year old woman who is a Deputy Principal at Meru school began to experience unrelenting headaches and severe chest complications which began to worry her.

According to her, she decided to seek further medical attention after her pains persisted.

“After about nine days of severe pain and serious chest complications, I decided to seek medical examination from another doctor in another hospital in Nairobi who after carrying several scans found the decomposing 10 centimeter piece of cotton wool in my womb. I was admitted in hospital for over five days and had to part with an extra Sh450,000 for another operation,” she said.

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Speaking to journalists at her Thika home after undergoing a second operation in Nairobi Hospital, Ms Mureithi said the cotton wool which had already started to decompose in her womb was causing severe blood infection and clots in her lungs.

“Life has been so difficult for me since I have been experiencing unending headaches and severe chest complication. I cannot sit down, sleep or eat and have to take strong pain killers to remain sane for even a few minutes”, she lamented

The teacher who is also a mother of three blamed the hospital in question for not following up on her case even after they spent a large amount of money in the shoddy operation.

‘My husband has tried to follow up with the hospital on numerous occasions but no assistance has been forthcoming. The hospital matron only told him that the gynecologist who operated me had serious domestic issues at the time of the operation,” she added.

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She backed her claims with medical reports from doctors from Nairobi hospital that show strong prescription, meant to fight the blood infection and diffuse the clots that are lodged in her lungs as captured in the scans.

Her husband Mureithi Kaara called upon doctors to be gentle and careful with their patients stating that his wife is alive only by the grace of God.

The hospital matron said she was not permitted to talk to the media but confirmed they were talking to the family and were willing to engage them after consulting their lawyers.

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