Father and daughter caught committing incest.

Neighbors crowded at a homestead where a man was caught doing sex with his daughter. (photo courtesy/Kevin Ondimu.)

There was shock amongst Nyamusi residents Nyamira County after a man was nabbed having sex with his daughter.

Zachariah Nyamote reportedly persuaded his daughter, Janet Gesare into his bedroom before committing the abominable act.

According to his wife, Everline Kerubo who caught them, she just got home and found the father and daughter in their matrimonial bed.

“I was shocked when I returned only to find my husband with her in our matrimonial bed having sex,” she said.

The shocked and infuriated wife said she raised alarm to attract neighbors who also arrived to witness the incident.

“It is shameful Nyamote to engage in sex with his daughter who he should instead advise to re-unite with her husband,” said a neighbor Verah Moraa.

Francis Okako, an elder in the area condemned the incident saying it is an abomination for Nyamote to sleep with his daughter.

“Nyamote must be cleansed because what he was caught doing is unacceptable in the Gusii culture,” said Okako.

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According to neighbors, the daughter is a mother of two and is currently separated from her husband.

The man who could not face the crowd because of shame claimed it was not his fault but it was the work of the devil.

“I don’t understand what happened to find myself with my daughter in bed. I believe I was possessed by evil spirits into doing this. Am so shameful and very sorry to my dear wife and the Gusii community.” He said.

The daughter was however too ashamed to talk.

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