Man electrocuted while ‘chewing’ neighbour’ in bush


A love making activity turned tragic in Samitui village in Bomet county after the man was electrocuted by a live wire that was hanging from an electric pole.

The maeried man had for long been having an illicit affair with his neighbour’s wife before the tragedy struck.

The woman called for help where neighbours arrived at the ‘love nest’ to find out what had transpired.

In what seemed like a double tragedy the villagers went to the woman’s house and set it on fire accusing her of causing the death of her lover during their sexual escapades.

The incident was confirmes by area chief Timothy Kirui who said that the woman tried to save her lover but was shocked and lost consciousness.

He said that the woman was frog matched to her husband’s house by the irate villagers who gave her a dog’s beating before setting the house in fire.

They accused her of using love portion on the victim which led to his death.

The villagers even went ahead to chase the woman away from the village without consulting her husband who was away at that time.

The body of the man was picked by police and taken to Longisa mortuary for preservation awaiting post moterm.


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