What is tailored to Hon. Kalembe Ndile beside Ukambani politics?

    Former Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile .[Photo/nation.co.ke]

    The former Kibwezi law maker and Assistant Minister Hon. Richard Kalembe Ndile is one of the most powerful politicians in Ukambani.He however shifted his political turf from Kibwezi in Makueni to Mavoko, Machakos county in the last 2017 polls.

    Over the years, Ndile has served several positions both political and community servicing at local and national arena ;

    TIP TIP Party leader also the former Kibwezi MP Hon. Kalembe Ndile

    Kibwezi MP

    Richard Kalembe Ndile ventured into active politics during 2002 general elections where he scooped Kibwezi parliamentary seat using the then sung NARC.He served for one term where he was ejected by his close competitor Hon. Philip Kyalo Kaloki during 2007 elections.In 2013, he vied for Kibwezi West seat but was floored by the independent candidate Hon. Patrick Musimba.

    Kalembe enjoys his new Jubilee branded ride.

    In 2017, Ndile shifted his political turf from Makueni to Masaku where he contested for Mavoko parliamentary seat on Jubilee Party ticket.He had decamped Ukambani kingpin and his boss Kalonzo Musyoka and joined Jubilee.He was however floored by the incumbent Hon. Patrick Makau who is serving his second term in office.

    Ndile has also shown interest of eyeing the top Machakos seat come 2022.

    National Chairman TIP TIP Party

    Prior to 2013 elections, Ndile sought to reinstate his seat in the newly created Kibwezi West constituency using his newly formed The Independent Party, abbreviated TIP TIP.He served the the party chairmanship until 2017 when he agreed to dissolve his party during the much hyped Jubilee Alliance tailored political parties mega merger that brought together over ten parties.

    Assistant Minister for Tourism and Wildlife

    He served as an Assistant Minister during President Kibaki’s first term in office.

    However, under president Kibaki and PM Raila’s Coalition Government, Ndile stayed out of power until 2013 when Jubilee Coalition came into power marking the end of coalition government’s five year rule.

    Executive Director at Nguluwa Ngao Center

    Ndile once served as the executive director for Nguluwa Ngao Center, a human rights-based organization.

    Programs Officer – Makueni Paralegal Coordinating Agency, MPCA

    In the year 1997, Kalembe Ndile was employed as the programs officer to Makueni Paralegal Coordinating Agency.He served the position until early 2002 when opted to quit from the position and ventured into thereafter becoming Kibwezi legislator for the period between 2002 – 2007.

    Parish Treasurer – Makueni Catholic Parish

    Kalembe served as Makueni Parish Treasurer, Machakos Diocese between the years 1996 and 2002.

    Chairman – Makueni County Council

    Between the year 1997 to 1999, he served the chairman to the dysfunct county council. Then the councils operated under the Ministry of Local Government.

    Officer Messenger

    Hon. Ndile once worked as an office messenger to Machakos District based Non-Governmental Organization in the lower part of the district, now Makueni, between 1984 and 1988.

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