County File: Facts about Makueni, 017

Gov. Kivutha Kibwana's big four agenda for Makueni county.

Governor : Hon. Prof. Kivutha Kibwana

Deputy Governor : Hon. Adeline Ndeto Mwau

Senator :Hon Mutula Kilonzo Jr.

Women Rep. : Hon. Rose Museo Mumo

Makueni is one of the three counties constituting Ukambani region.It is located in the southern parts of the former Eastern Province.The neighbouring counties are Kitui (East), Machakos (North), Kajiado (West) and Taita Taveta to the south.

County Head Quarters :Wote town, Makueni constituency
Size of the county : 8008.8 sq. Km

Local Authorities

Makueni County Council
Mtito Andei Town Council
Wote Town Council

Major Physical Features

Volcanic Kyulu Hills in Kibwezi
Misty Mbooni Hills
Kilungu Hills in Kaiti

Major Tourist Attractions

Kyulu Hills National Park
Kibwezi Irrigation Scheme

Kalamba AIC church which was constructed by the first missionaries, it’s the first AIC church in Kenya

Historical AIC Church at Kalamba, Nzaui in Makueni constituency. The church was constructed by Peter Cameron Scott, a Scottish Missionary from America in 1895.The church measures 30 ft by 14 feet and was completed on 23rd December, 1895.The missionary established other churches in Sakai, Kilungu and Kangundo in Machakos county.

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Shikh Temple, the largest in East Africa.

Another tourist attraction is the Shikh Temple in Makindu town along Nairobi-Mombasa Highway that was constructed in 1926 by the Shikhs working in Kenya -Uganda Railway (Lunatic Express).The temple covers 5000 sq. meters.

The most important site is Peterson Camp Ruins

IKULU – in Mtito Andei serves as an attraction site in the lower parts of Makueni.This served as rest point to the first president of Kenya along the highway.

Constituencies 6 (2010)

Makueni – Hon. Daniel Kitonga Maanzo
Kaiti – Hon. Joshua Kimilu
Mbooni -Hon. Erastus Kivasu Nzioka
Kilome -Thaddeus Kithua Nzambia
Kibwezi East -Hon. Jessica Kioko Mbalu
Kibwezi West -Hon. Patrick Mweu Musimba

Districts 7 (2009)

Mbooni East
Mbooni West

Makueni has (6) Sub-Counties ; Makueni, Mbooni, Kaiti, Kilome, Kibwezi East and Kibwezi West.

Administrative Wards (30)

Mbooni Constituency (6) :Tulimani, Mbooni, Kithungo/Kitundu, Kisau/Kiteta , Kako/Waia, Kalawa.

Kilome Constituency (3) :Kiima Kiu/Kalanzoni, Mukaa, Kasikeu

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Kaiti Constituency (4) :Kee, Kilungu, ilima, Ukia.

Makueni Constituency (7) :Nzaui/Kilili/Kalamba, Kikuumini/Muvau, Kathonzweni, Mavindini, Kitise/Kithuki, Wote, Mbitini.

Kibwezi West Constituency (6) : Makindu, Kikumbulyu North, Kikumbulyu South, Nguumo, Nguu/Masumba, Emali/Mulala.

Kibwezi East (4) : Masongaleni, Mtito Andei, Thange, Nzambani/Ivingoni.


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