Akothee disses Jalas over unpleasant Remarks he made about her on radio

comedial Mzee Jalang'o mwenyewe and singer Akothee

Millionaire secular singer and self-proclaimed queen of single moms Esther Akoth has expressed her displeasure after her comedian friend Jalang’os allegedly uttered unpleasant remarks over her mode of dressing.

Akoth who is commonly known as Akothee was unhappy about Jalang’o’s take on her choice of bikini wear.

Jalang’o who is a host at the Milele FM morning show said that the mother of five did not know the difference between underwear and a bikini, noting that she should put on the latter when shooting videos for her social media followers.

Jalan’go was introducing Akothee’s new song “Lotto” when he made those remarks.

“Ifikie dadayangu Akothee aamue kama ni bikini ama ni underwear! Saitan madhako… Akothe kibrit ngama otiaye ema moke…meanwhile watch her new song Lotto,” he said.

Responding to Jalang’o aka Jalas on Instagram, Akothee wrote “Some jokes carry a lot of malice in them, I analyze and choose to keep calm. I can’t argue with a person who doesn’t know the price of a beach plot or the cost of constructing a pool. Forget about panty and Bikini. If you rattle a snake expect to be bitten , I am coming for your jokes open field, panty and underwear are all the same cousins to bikini, if you have a pool you should know this principles , tag the king of women’s underwear.”

The controversial singer has always done what pleases her ignoring people’s thoughts and opinions on her.

The Award winning singer and performer recently revealed that the latest single “Lotto” cost her Sh. 300,000 and was produced in Nigeria.

“The whole project wasn’t a cheap project because the audio alone cost me $3,000 (Sh300,000 ) and the video was even more. For the first time my fans have responded positively to my songs. I know they are not easy people to deal with and tunakazana. I am very inspired and I think I should do this even more,” She said.

Lotto is about finding love against all odds as a woman.


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