Audio: Munyasya insults Governor Ngilu again.


By Charlo James

An explosive audio tape of senior Kitui officer insulting Governor Charity Ngilu in public has gone viral sending shock waves at the crazy extent some staff are determined to go in sabotaging her government.

Ranting in unexplained fury, the head of communication department Munyasya Musya Nzese is heard abusive Governor Ngilu as “a failure who doesn’t understand how government is run and who is surrounded by thieves in her cabinet”.

The audio is shocking not only because it is unethical, unprofessional and contrary to public service code of conduct, but also given that ironically, it is Munyasya as the county PR officer who is supposed to be the number one defender of the governor and her administration in public.

Munyasya goes ahead to describe her boss performance as disappointingly poor compared to Ngilu’s predecessor Malombe, and a naïve leader who doesn’t comprehend anything and had surrounded herself with Ndumba Kandu (fools).

Audio: Munyasya insults Governor Ngilu again. 

A closer scrutiny of the audio clip reveals that Munyasya was in the company of his junior Andrew Munyoki Kisamwa when he was recorded in a public place while bashing Ngilu. Munyoki is heard laughing in celebratory concurrence whenever Munyasya insults the Governor.

Munyoki is also heard enquiring on phone about Governor’s whereabouts as Munyasya explodes in careless rage in Kikamba saying that “Mama avuwa ngui ndakavika a quarter ya wia wa Malombe, natutavye kindu kimwe kyake kyekikie” meaning “If Mama jokes she won’t achieve even 25 percent of Malombe work, she has done zero since assuming office.

Then Munyoki slyly interjects that “Musee usu anee mui” translated to mean “than old man was wiser” in reference to Malombe.

“Anangie na kweete mikola okilya vaa yulu. Officials asu make wikite vu yulu, mamumdu matesi kindu, ndumba kandu. she’s fucked up, she’s fucked up” loosely meaning “The top team of county ministers and chief officers hired by Ngilu are crooks and idiots who have messed her up because they know nothing.

“Onake mwene ndesi kindu, kumbe nake Mama ndesi silikali” – meaning “the governor herself knows nothing, surprisingly she doesn’t even know how government works”

The two already have another scandal hanging over their heads and resumed work three months ago after they were sent on compulsory leave for being linked with a spirited online smear and propaganda campaign against Ngilu.
Early this year, Munyasya was caught red handed by youths at Kitui Resort Hotel scripting a fake story to ridicule Ngilu on social media where his phones and laptop containing Tharaka stories were seized.

Munyoki was arrested and put in police custody for three days before his friends fundraised Sh30000 to bail him out. The matter is still pending with detectives.

The audio reveals that Munyasya and the communications team who were hired by former governor haven’t come to terms that their former boss lost election to Ngilu.

It also shows the high level of bitterness officers loyal to Mr Malombe are with Ngilu administration to the blatant extent of hurling insults to her in public.

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