Trend #1: Ever-Lucrative Real Estate Industry

According to the latest Property Index, land prices in Nairobi City have grown by more than 535% since 2007, with values expected to continue rising. Clearly, the real estate industry in Nairobi has continued to perform better than all other industries considering its high return on investment. This is also happening in the other counties though in different rates.

Trend #2: Booming Agri-business Industry

This is no longer a poor man’s job. This sector currently contributes between 24% and 27% of our GDP per year.
Capitalizing on Agri-Business
With a small piece of land you can engage in activities like: tomato farming, bee keeping, poultry farming, rabbit farming or even onion farming. You don’t need to have huge capital to start any of the projects mentioned, With as little as Ksh30,000 you can set up something.

Trend #3: Growing Market for ICT Industry

ICT initiatives and projects ongoing in Kenya are of wide range including, business process outsourcing, content creation and information security.
Capitalizing on ICT
You can invest in a small website and start an online shop which you’ll use to market your merchandise.
You can as well start a consultancy firm on latest and promising technologies as: Social Media Consultancy, Cyber Security Consultancy, Information Security Consultancy. Best thing most ICT businesses is that you can start investing with as little as Ksh10,000 seed capital.

Small business opportunities are everywhere but the problem is that most people don’t seem to notice them.
From the article we have learnt that you can join the thriving real estate industry with as little as Ksh100,000, venture into agribusiness with as little as Ksh30,000 or even involve yourself in IT business with as little as Ksh10,000 seed capital

Source Kuza Biashara

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