KituiCounty: Construction of various Roads Bridges and Drifts.


Construction of various Roads Bridges and Drifts.

Type : Tender ( IFB )

Category : Engineering & Construction , Roads & Sewarage Construction

Ref No : CGoKTI/779/2014-2015


Closing : Tue, Jul 07, 2015 12:00

Eligibility : Kenyan





Invitation for competitive Bids for Construction of various Roads Bridges and Drifts.

The County Government of Kitui hereby invites sealed bids from eligible road works contractors registered with the National Construction Authority (category MCA and above) for construction of Road Bridges and Drifts to enhance transport and connectivity within the six (6) Economic and Investment Zones of Kitui County and beyond.

Tenders are also invited for construction of an ultra-modern Resource Centre at Manyenyoni in Kitui Town (category 4 and above in building works) in addition to equipping of Kyusyani Mortuary (category 6 and above). Details of the scope of the tenders shall be indicated in the tender documents.

Tenders for construction of drifts and mortuary equipment are reserved for contractors who are located and operate within Kitui County while tenders for construction of Bridges and the ultra-modern Resource Centre are open to all eligible contractors in line with the Preferences and Reservations Provision Amendments of Legal Notice No. 114.

Tenders are therefore invited from eligible contractors for the above works as detailed below;


CGoKTI/779/2014-2015 Kayagia Drift Mumoni Ward 9,700,000.00
CGoKTI/780/2014-2015 Kyeitha Drift Mumoni Ward 7,500.000.00
CGoKTI/781/2014-2015 Katse Drift Mumoni Ward 14.500,000.00
CGoKTI/782/2014-2015 Thua Drift Mumoni Ward 6,500.000.00
CGoKTI/783/2014-2015 Nzanzem River Drift on Nzanzeni-Usueni Road Tseikuru Ward 11,300,000.00
CGoKTI/784/2014-2015 Mlangoni River Drift on Tseikuru-Mulanqoni Road Tseikuru Ward 6,280,000.00
CGoKTl/785/2014-2015 Tsekuru River Drift Tseikuru Ward 11,830,000.00
CGoKTI/786/2014-2015 Gacigogo River Drift Tharaka Ward 8,300,000.00
CGoKTI/787/2014-2015 Kaura River Drift Tharaka Ward 3.400,000.00
CGoKTl/788/2014-20455; Ciiri River Drift Tharaka Ward 11,120,000.00
CGoKTI/789/2014-2015 Kwa Nguru (Kamuwongo-Nqaaie) Kyuso Ward 4,940,000.00
CGoKTI/790/2014-2015 Kwa Mulu

Drifts( Kam uwongo-


Kyuso Ward 4,420,000.00
CGoKW791/2014-2015 Mivukoni River Drift Kyuso Ward 7,500,000.00
CGoKTI/792/2014-2015 Kamunyu River Drift on Kwa Moki (Mutwangombe)-Nyaanyaa-Nqaaie Road Kyuso-Waita-



CGoKTI/793/2014-2015 Mitamisyi River Drift (Kwa Ndoa) Ngomeni Ward 7.112,000.00
CGoKTI/794/2014-2015 Ndetani River Drift (Murinqani) Ngomeni Ward 7,112,000.00
CGoKTI/795/2014-2015 Thua River Drift on Voo-Kyamatu Road Voo/Kyamatu Ward 9,450,000.00
CGoKTI/796/2014-2015 Thua River Drift along Matundu Road Voo/Kyamatu Ward 16,400,000.00
CGoKTI/797/2014-2015 Kinakoni Stream Drift on Kinakoni-Voo Road Voo/Kyamatu Ward 6,350,000.00
CGoKTI/798/2014-2015 Katitika River Drift on Ndilili-Kanziko Road Kanziko/ Simisi Ward 2,850.000.00
CGoKTl/799/2014-2015 Kanziko River Drift on Mutomo-Kanziko Road Kanziko/ Simisi Ward 3,006,000.00
CGoKTI/800/2014-2015 Wenzelela River Drift on Kivuuti-Kasaala Road Ikutha Ward 5,887,000.00
CGoKTI/801/2014-2015 Ngunyumu Drift on Mwanqeni Mwathe Road Athi Ward 7,250,000.00
CGoKTI/802/2014-2015 Kakengele Stream along Mutomo-Kinakoni Road Mutomo/ Kibwea Ward 8,690,000.00
CGoKTI/803/2014-2015 Kawelu River Drift Mutomo/ Kibwea Ward 8,060,300.00
CGoKTI/804/2014-2015 Kalundu River Drift on Manyenyoni-Wii Road Towns hip-



CGoKTI/805/2014-2015 Kavou River Drift in Kyamathyaka Kyangwithya West Ward 8,296,600.00
CGoKTI/806/2014-2015 Ivovoa Drifts at Kavuta-Ivovoa (Muthungue) and Kavuta-Katulani (Kwa Kikulu) Kyangwithya West-Mulango Wards 8,300,000.00
CGoKTI/807/2014-2015 Kivunwa River Drift at Kyambiti-Kyangunga-Kitundu Road Mulango Ward 8,600,000.00
CGoKTI/808/2014-2015 Ithimani River Drift on Itoleka-Kyandui Road Mulango-Kyangwithya West Wards 8,890,000.00
CGoKTI/809/2014-2015 Tiva River Drift on Kanyangi – Ikanga Road Kanyangi-Ikanga/ Kyatune Wards 18,470,500.00
CGoKTI/810/2014-2015 Tiver River Drift on Maliku-Yatta/Kwa Vonza (Kawonqo) Kisasi Ward 17,600,000.00
CGoKTI/811/2014-2015 Nzeeu River Drift on Nquuni-Kisasi Road Kisasi Ward 8.740,000.00
CGoKTI/812/2014-2015 Nzeeu River Drift on Katulani-Kisasi Road Kisasi Ward 8,742,000.00
CGoKTI/813/2014-2015 Syuunguni Drift on Tyaa River Kiomo/



CGoKTI/814/2014-2015 Winzyeei Drift Stream along Kavoini- Winzyeei Road Kyome/ Thaana Ward 1,905,000.00
CGoKTI/815/2014-2015 Ikomoa Stream (Musewani) at Kiseleio Stream Nguutani Warcf 2.344,000.00
CGoKTI/816/2014-2015 Kamunyu River Drift R19 Kwa Moki-Wamwathi Road Waita Ward 7,960,000.00
CGoKTI/817/2014-2015 Isekeli-Enziu River Drift on Karunq a – Kalitini Road Kivou-Mui Wards 5,184,000.00
CGoKTI/818/2014-2015 Mboru Drift Mwingi Central Ward 6,300,000.00
CGoKTI/819/2014-2015 Kalundu River Drift on Kwa Ukunqu – Mutuni Road Kyangwithya East Ward 7,280,000.00
CGoKTI/820/2014-2015 Kauwi River Drift on Kabati – Kauwi Road Kauwi Ward 4,220,000.00
CGoKTI/821/2014-2015 Kiseveni Centre Drift Kwa

Mutonga/ Kithumula Ward

CGoKTI/822/2014-2015 Ndalani Primary School-Ngethwa River Concrete slab Matinyani Ward 3,080,000.00
CGoKTI/823/2014-2015 Maseki-Kauma Road concrete slab Matinyani Ward 4.828,000.00
CGoKTI/824/2014-2015 Kalundu River Drift on JICA-Kyaloways Road Township Ward 4,150,000.00
CGoKTI/825/2014-2015 Mutendea-Kaayo Bridge on Kyamathyaka-Kwa Mulungu-Kathivo Road connecting C97 with B7 Roads Matinyani-Kwa

Mutonga/ Kithumula-Kwa Vonza-Kyangwithya West Wards

CGoKTI/826/2014-2015 Nguni River Bridge at Kwa Ndonyi, Kwa London & Nguni Rivers confluence and Dam Athi Ward 65,000,000.00
Bids are also invited from eligible contractors for other category as  follows;
CGoKTI/827/2014-2015 Equipping of Kyusyani Mortuary Cold rooms Kanyangi 7,000,000.00
CGoKTI/828/2014-2015 Construction of Ultra­modern Resource Centre at Manvenvoni County Headquarters 85,000,000.00

NB: It is important to note that the proposed Bridges and Drifts are purposed to connect all the County’s six (6) Economic and Investment Zones and shall benefit1 all parts and peoples of the entire County, the region and beyond, and should not be construed to imply that they belong to any particular Ward.


Interested bidders should note that only those meeting the conditions indicated below as minimum, supported by the relevant documents at submission will be considered for further evaluation:-

  1. Provide all the information as required under “Qualification Information” in the Standard Tender Document, including copies of Company/Business registration Certificate/CR12, VAT, PIN and TAX Compliance Certificate and any other document as required as proof;
  2. Be registered with the National Construction Authority (NCA) in the relevant category as specified above;
  3. The Tender Form and Confidential Business Questionnaire must be fully filled and signed by authorized person(s) with full information on names of Directors/Owner(s) with copies of their National Identity Cards;

Further, Tenders from the following Tenderers shall be treated as non-responsive and therefore subject to disqualification:-

  1. A Tender From a Tenderer whose Directors/Owners/sh are holders are either Public Servants, State Officers or their spouses and/or their children;
  2. A Tender from a Tenderer who has been served with a default notice on previous and on-going projects offered by the Public Service;
  3. A Tenderer whose ongoing works has gone beyond the stipulated contract duration;
  4. A Tender from a Tenderer who has been debarred from participating in Public tenders;
  5. Bidders quoting 10% above or 10% below the recommended reserve prices shall be disqualified.

It is important to note that a Tenderer who makes attempts of any kind to influence the tender outcome by soliciting for information during tender evaluation, communicating with tender evaluators, corrupting any Public Officers and any other forms to win favours shall automatically be disqualified and recommended for prosecution;

Eligible candidates may inspect prior to purchasing the Tender Documents from the Supply Chain Management Offices during working hours, at a cost of Kshs.1000.00 per set payable by bankers’ cheque to County Government of Kitui Collection Account at the County Treasury. Tenderers shall be provided with an official receipt for any payment made. Tender documents shall be made available with effect from Wednesday 24th June, 2015 at 9:00 am

Eligible bidders are required to visit the sites to familiarize themselves with the local environment before submitting their bids and are required to confirm in writing in the bidding documents submitted, whether such visits were made or not.

Completed tender documents in original and a copy in a plain sealed envelope and clearly marked with the tender number and name, will be addressed to:

The County Secretary,

County Government of Kitui

Office of the Governor,

P. O. Box 33 – 90200



Be deposited in the Tender Box situated at the Corridor next to the Supply Chain Management Offices so as to reach him on or before Tuesday 7th July, 2015 at 12:00 noon.

Tenders will be publicly opened immediately thereafter in the presence of participating bidders or their representatives who choose to attend Tenders delivered after closing date and time shall not be accepted

The County Government of Kitui is NOT bound to award tenders to the lowest or any bidder either in part or in whole and shall make its decisions as provided for under the Public procurement and Disposal Act, 2005.



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