Let us honour this Kambaland Music legend.


    CHARLES MUSYOKI KIKUMBI (15th Anniversary)
    Brief: Charles Musyoki Kikumbi [Kijana] was born in April 1972 in Kimangu Village, Yatta Division Machakos District. He attended Kimangu Primary School & later Kaumoni Secondary School for his O – Level. Later he moved to Nairobi where he secured menial jobs in Industrial Area & Gikomba. It was in Gikomba that he nurtured his guitarist skills. He assembled a group of young men and together they formed Kimangu Boys Band. He reigned the Benga Music scene for good eight years.

    In July 4th 2000, the whole country woke up to sad news: Charles Musyoki Kikumbi, the music icon perished in a car crash in Katheka Kai, Machakos. He was buried together with his favourite lead [solo] guitar which was shining red in colour!

    Comment with any of his album songs you remember.

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