Kitui County: Embezzlement of about Sh500 million


An audit on the defunct Kitui local authorities and the county government records between January and June 2013 has revealed embezzlement of about Sh500 million.

The Public Investment and Accounts Committee audited the defunct authorities’ books of account after the Auditor General raised queries.

In its report, the committee called upon the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to carry out extensive and conclusive investigations into the fraudulent financial dealings at the defunct authorities during the transition period and surcharge the culprits.

Committee chairman Robison Mativo told the assembly that astonishing and suspect financial transactions riddled the handing and taking over process when authorities transited into the county government.

The committee also questioned the suitanability of the county secretary to hold office.
It warned that Stanslaous Nyamai risks impeachment if he does not step up his performance. Mr Mativo said the assembly was privileged to invoke provisions of the County Government Act to discipline inept officers.

The committee faults Mr Nyamai for failing to verify the legitimacy of documents he submitted for scrutiny.

Mativo said most of the documents failed the admissibility criteria for lacking simple things like signatures. He said the committee found out that the defunct authorities had not prepared and submitted for audit the financial statements from 1983 to 1995, which is against the law.

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