CORD family supports Kalonzo over land grabbing


CORD MPs – Hon Rose Museo, Makueni, Hon. Regina Muia, Kilome, Sen. Judith Sijeny, Hon. Francis Nyenze Minority leader, Hon Chris Wamalwa, Hon. Jesicah Mbalu Kibwezi East and Hon. Marcus Muluvi East defend Kalonzo

14th July 2015
• The Jubilee Government is cornered on the issues of corruption especially at the NYS and is looking for scapegoats and a place to hide.
• It is therefore desperately looking for ways to ensure we do not talk about corruption in NYS where billions are being spent to militarize the youth. Jubilee does not want us to talk about Weston Hotel, which is built on public land and where today the government holds meetings and hosts delegations to take care of one of their own.
• To cover up the known corruption, Jubilee is trying to invent new one where there is none. And that is why suddenly they have discovered that there is Yatta farm; yet the Yatta farm ownership is as clear as daylight.
• This farm was sold to H.E. Hon Kalonzo Musyoka by two sellers, (One Janet Chirchir and Betracal Ltd) in the early 90’s on a willing seller, willing buyer basis unlike the land on which Weston stands.
• All stamp duties were paid fully, in accordance with the law.
• This is not the first time this matter has been raised to stem a mounting political tide. For those who are not aware, we wish to remind you that defamation against Kalembe Ndile on this same mater is still in court and an order was issued therein.
• This issue is being raised now to try and suppress the weighty matters of NYS scandal on procurement and recruitment.
• Yatta farm is beginning to feature because the grabbers are on the loose. They want the land and it is part of the plot by a reckless and greedy clique of Jubilee operatives hell-bent to push the Ukambani boundary from Goliba to Kithimani. We want to warn you, from now on, it is going to be business unusual.
• With the grabbing of Weston Hotel land, the Karen Land and the recent renewal of lease on Taita-Taveta land belonging to the Kenyatta family, Jubilee must be extremely reckless and desperate to be talking about land grabbing.
• We remind Jubilee that they are the government, and they are the ones sitting on the Ndung’u Report and the TJRC report which we in Cord have been demanding to be implemented without further delay.
• Finally, we wish to reiterate that if Jubilee wishes to be taken seriously on fighting corruption and recovering stolen land, it must begin with Weston. It must tell us the faces and names behind the attempt to grab Karen land. It must tell us how the lease for Taita-Taveta land was renewed and it must tell us who owns land in Lamu. Finally it must explain how certain families came to own land the size of Nyanza province.

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