Kitui South MP: NHIF should Reduce rates for informal workers


Kitui South MP Rachel Kaki Nyamai. Nyamai, along with other MPs say the highest amount that people should be charged if they don’t have a steady monthly income is Sh300.

“The committee agrees that the rich must pay for the poor and the payment must be attractive to those who are paying to get more people into the scheme. The payment must be supported through actuarial studies so that we ensure it works,” said Rachel Nyamai (Kitui South).

Addressing a news conference at Parliament Buildings, the legislators said they will review the regulations on NHIF operations to make sure the people in informal sector pay Sh300 a month

The MPs said anyone whom the NHIF wants to volunteer, but is doing odd jobs, has to pay a maximum of Sh300.

We do not agree to charging volunteers Sh500; they will pay Sh300 and that is what we told NHIF,” said Nyamai, referring to an agreement reached at a weekend meeting between the fund and the MPs in Mombasa.


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