Is Kitui County govt awarding tender to wrong contractors?


Nguutani contractors is a company that was awarded the tender of constructing and mantaining ukasi-sosoma road, Mwingi in Kitui county by the government of Kitui County. It is owned by one of Nguutani resident, instead of the company improving livelihood of the people it’s making things worse.

Residents of ukasi said they worked for Nguutani contractors and up to date they have not been paid. They have continuously expressed their discomfort to the county government of Kitui which has been very slow in protecting them. Local area leaders have vowed not to relent in ensuring the people are paid.

According to senior lawyer employees are under the protection of local labor laws as long as the actual employment relationship exists. Contractors should pay attention to the establishment of employee profiles to keep records of employees’ behavior, attendance and wage in case the labor disputes happen.

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