Restless Mutisya Searching for Kenya’s last Garissa victim


Mr Mutisya is a slight man with a delicate frame but he has an inner strength that only a restless father would acquire. Nearly four months after the Garissa university attack, he is still searching for his missing daughter.

While most families and parents have managed to lay to rest their sons and daughters killed in the Garissa attack, 23-year-old Risper is yet to be found – dead or alive.

The family mourns the child they are yet to see or bury. Risper’s mother has sleepless nights.

There is a deep sadness, a deep pain, hidden behind this father’s pride – while he talks about his daughter, he looks lovingly at the photographs he’s brought.

Mr Mutisya has documented everything. He carries a suitcase with him, from where he pulls out the many photographs of Risper.


Before Mr Mutisya agreed to tbe interviewed, he had a request to Kenyan government to respond to his questions. We approached the Ministry of Interior who declined this specific request and instead sent this reply:

“Please ask Mutisya to report the matter to the National Police Service where he can get assistance because as far as I know, that matter has not been reported to the police. I have no doubt that reporting to the police will be more helpful to him than media interviews.”

But Mr Mutisya is angry and shakes his head, he pulls out yet another document showing evidence that the matter was reported at the police station in Garissa. He insists he has also told government officials who visited him at his home about the police report. “They have a copy of this,” he says. Mutisya-2


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