Bad news for Kitui Businesspeople. Find out what Gvnr Malombe has done


There is a reason why governor Mutua did not call off masaku7s 2015 edition despite numerous calls to do so from NACADA boss John Mututho.

We can all agree though ratchetness prevailed in masaku7s its benefit over weighed disadvantages. The event was a huge business to Hotel industry, Small businesses such as hawkers, Taxis, Transport industry as well as the county government among other operators.

Bad news is that our people will not have a stake of Kitui7s event which had been planned to happen in July, this after the Kitui County governor Julius Malombe cancelled the event . His main reason was that he does not want youth to misbehave.

I love his care for the youths what I don’t like about him is that he sacrificed the business people. If this is what our governor is afraid he should have looked for ways of mitigating the same.

He forgot to calculate how much income the event would have brought to the people and the county govt at large.

Our neighbor Machakos County raked in more than Sh50 million in earnings during the Masaku 7s Rugby tournament.

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