Water Kitui fund: help raise money for the people of Kitui


We take water for granted. We drink it and use it every day without pondering on where the next gallon will come from.  This is not the case for the people of Kitui, Kenya. With only two months out of the year providing rain, water is limited for these people. Miles have to be walked for just a couple gallons to bring home to a thirsty family. If the majority of your day was spent walking to a water source, would you have time for school? These kids don’t, nor do they have time for fun activies that every kid should have.

VBS  at the Church of Saint Paul means many things and one of the most important is the H20 Kitui mission project. A project centered around one goal; to help raise money for the people of Kitui.
Every year kids (ranging from 3 years old to 7th grade)(Not including volunteers of all ages) that participate in Vacation Bible School come up with creative ways to raise money for this cause. The money is used to build dams that store clean healthy water CLOSE to homes in Kitui. The more dams that can be built the more kids can attend school, and a close water source means less worry for families all around the Kitui area.

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This year some of us have thought of using ‘gofundme’ to see how far we can take this life-changing fundraiser.
Church of Saint Paul and the entire Vacation Bible School encourages anyone who can, to donate, and also to pray for the families we strive to help. For both, even the smallest amount makes the biggest difference.

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