Worlds first christian social Network


    Technology has taken the world by storm enabling people to get into the
    cyber space resulting in easy communication and creation of a digital
    door-way transforming the world into a global Village*.* The office of the
    Deputy President and Ministry of Defense with Dr John Kimani (lead
    Scientist at the Ministry of Defense) are planning to have Kenya officially
    join the elite group of countries owning the earth observation satellites
    by the launch of the space center. As the government prepares for the
    launch, a Kenyan youth has designed the first ever Christian Social
    Networking site that comes with a Church management system.

    The president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, and the deputy president, William
    Ruto publicly declared, Kenya a Christian nation making it easy for
    Christians to publicly connect, share and fellowship with one another across the globe. Mr. Isaac Muthui Mwendwa, a preacher’s son, is an expert
    in the field of technology and has developed a social networking platform
    that comes with a Church management system. The platform provides the
    Church with an opportunity to have its own time line where the members are
    able to minister to one another, post announcements, keep its members
    updated on current events, stream services online, share pictures and
    videos, play games and a minister’s easy access to his followers within a
    click of a button. Christians are now enjoying paying tithes and offerings
    electronically, supporting church projects through online payments,
    chatting, blogging, holding forums, mentorship, posting of sermons and it
    also promotes sanity by censoring profane words. Mr. Muthui is the Chairman
    of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the Churchblaze Group Limited
    owning the website is an all Kenyan Innovation with its headquarters in the
    country’s capital Nairobi. It was hosted 9 months ago and it is viewed in
    over 160 countries worldwide and has attracted over five million views. At
    the age of only 33, Mr. Muthui has received numerous offers of buy outs and
    sell of majority shares from the US, UK and Israel for Billions but has
    stood firm emphasizing that is both a ministry and business
    and his desire is for the Churches worldwide to own the platform.

    The company mission is to provide the church with a sustainable, innovative
    and ethical platform by the use of state of the art technology.

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