Kitui: 11 year old boy is now nursing injuries as a result of police brutality


The mother of an 11-year-old boy in Kitui who suffered a broken arm after he was allegedly tortured by an AP officer has asked IG Joseph Boinnet to ensure that the officer is punished and charged with brutality.

The boy told the press at Kitui Central Police station that the policeman and a chief arrested him on August 3 for failing to go school.

“They accused me of truancy and took me to Mulundi AP camp where the AP officer flogged me and injured my arm,” he said.

The mother said her son was given a P3 form at the Kitui Police Station and was treated at the Kitui County Referral Hospital.

Kitui Central AP boss Nicholas Mutua said the matter was reported but he did not think it was a serious case of assault. He added that if the boy was tortured and had his arm fractured then the officer will be punished. – The STAR

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A group of Administration Police officers based in Kitui. | image source:

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