Kitui county govt investing heavily in Energy to boost trade


To ensure there’s sufficient power to drive our development, the County Government of Kitui was the first in the country to sign an agreement with the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) to extend rural electrification. Through the County Government-REA Partnership, County govt has so far committed a total of KShs. 354 million to construct about 200 Km of power lines that have connected primary schools, market and health centers in the last two years. A further 156 Km of power lines are at the design level.

Previously, Kitui County had the least electricity connection to primary schools but is now the leader in the country with 832 primary schools already connected to the grid. Many market centres, businesses, homes, public and private entities have also been connected with power. Solar-powered security lights are for example, currently being erected in all ward headquarters at a cost of KShs. 45 million. The extension of electricity power lines and solar-powered security lights in the county has further enhanced security in both urban and rural areas thus boosting trade, longer reading hours for our children and thus diversifying and improving the livelihoods of our people.

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