Nzambani rock is the major scenic tourist attraction in kitui county. The rock is 15km from kitui town which is a 3/4 hour drive to the mesmerising scene. It stands  steadfast next to Nzambani primary school.

The rock is 600 feet rising from the ground with an ambitious hill quest. The outcrop has a shining lure and leaves many convinced that it might be radiant. It has a steel ladder heading to its peak for easy access by tourists.

It is a rock with many tales; many say that the stone is living since its seen reaching to quaff for fresh air.

The rock is exquisite and fascinates every single visitor and leaves them nostalgic to come again since it’s housed some ritual practises in the distant past.

It is no doubt a proud emblem to the region and explains in many ways its cultures and mythical beliefs.

Writer: Diana Akotsu

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