Kenya power in a journey to kill Kitui County economically


Kenya power, Kitui County seems to be in a journey to kill our county economically. IN the last two months Kitui County gets blackouts on daily basis which come without notice leading to machine breakdown as well lack of business such as salons, Kinyozi, Computer services, hotels, among others.

Kitui residents have and are still crying to KENYA POWER for a stable power supply. None of the official seem to explain the reason(s) for the frequent power blackouts in the county

Electrical Power, in the short span of two centuries, has become an indispensable part of modern day life. Our work, leisure, healthcare, economy, and our very livelihood depend on a constant supply of electrical power.

One may not believe it, but even a temporary stoppage of power can potentially lead to relative chaos at train stations and airports, and also big monetary setbacks in investment trading companies and possible loss of life in the country as well as various counties health care units. While we can appreciate that loss of power in smaller scale settings may not be life threatening, it can certainly result in loss of data, missed deadlines, decrease in productivity, and loss of revenue.

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