Sh1.2 billion spent to fix roads in Kitui in last 2 years


THE Kitui county government has spent Sh1.2 billion in two years building and rehabilitating roads.

During a talk show on Kathiani Radio Station, Governor Julius Malombe said: “We have given road network improvement top priority. We have opened up new roads, rehabilitated existing ones, built drifts and slabs in slippery sections and put up culverts.”

He said 1,454km have been repaired so far.

Malombe said the distance residents have to travel has drastically reduced with the building and repair of several roads.

He said that before the building of Kitui-Nuu road, Nuu residents had to drive for three-and-a-half hours to the county commissioner’s office in Kitui town.

“By using the new road through Museve, Nuu residents (from Mwingi South constituency) only take 50 minutes to get to Kitui to seek the services of the county commissioner and the county government headquarters,” he said.

Source: THE Star

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