Kitui youths arrests county health officer over unpaid allowances


Residents of Kitui Town were Monday treated to a rare drama when a group of irate youth arrested the County deputy director of Health and Sanitation for allegedly withholding their allowances after they attended the launch of a health facility service charter at Parkside Villa hotel.

The youth escorted Mr Alex Musoi from his office, where they had converged to demand for their payment, to Kitui Central Police Station to seek police intervention.

They claimed that Mr Musoi had instructed the Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution (CIC) officers not to pay them saying they had not received letters inviting them to the event.

Kitui County National Youth Council chairman Aggrey Nzomo claimed that the money had been set aside to pay individuals who did not even attend the function while those who had followed through the meeting were made to go home empty-handed.


He said the youth deserved to get their transport allowances as they had attended the function in which CIC was handing over the Kitui County healthcare service delivery charter and assessment report to Governor Julius Malombe.

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“This is utter corruption which we, as Kitui youth, are determined to fight against so that we can instil transparency and fairness for all in our county.

“How can Mr Musoi order the CIC officers to only pay those who had been invited to the event and leave out the ones who have actually attended? This is unacceptable especially when it is perpetrated by public officers,” he complained.

He added: “Some of the attendees have not been paid despite having received the said invitation letters.”

Mr Nzomo said what had made them even angrier was the accused officer’s audacity to sign the CIC payment list and claim cash for individuals who never attended the function simply because they were fellow county government officers.

“We have also learned that a huge sum of money has been set aside to be paid to county government officials yet they were not present when their boss Governor Julius Malombe addressed the congregation as he received the CIC report,” noted the youth leader.

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Defending himself, Mr Musoi denied having received money for fellow county workers who had skipped the meeting.

“I only signed the payment list to get my share. I did not instruct the CIC officers not to pay anyone as they were the ones giving out the allowances to participants.”

Kitui Central OCPD Kennedy Osando ordered the county officer to, by Tuesday morning, produce the lists of invitation, attendance and compensation used by the CIC officers to execute the disputed payment.


Mr Nzomo also said the governor had sought their help in eliminating corrupt elements in his administration.

“Our governor has asked the youth to be proactive in the fight against corruption in Kitui County.

“We would like to let him to know that we are ready to assist him without demanding anything in return so that we can help change the state of affairs in this county,” Mr Nzomo added.

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He asked Governor Malombe to get rid of corrupt officers in his government and replace them with patriotic youth.

This comes barely two weeks after the governor sent home five senior county government officers over alleged corruption.

He suspended County Land Executive Paul Kioko, County Secretary Musyoka Nyamai, chief officers Grace Kavinya Muimi (Finance), Emma Kamene Kitemange (Culture, Youth and Sports) and Deputy Director of Health and Sanitation Dr Evans Mumo Mwangangi on December 11, 2015.

The governor said youth, civic and trade organisations in Kitui County had repeatedly accused the five of abetting corruption in his administration besides abuse of office for personal gains.

SOURCE: Daily Nation

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