KITUI WhatsApp groups raise funds for woman with tumour


Two WhatsApp groups have raised money for a poor mother of five in Kitui county who last week appealed for Sh104,000 for surgery at St Mary’s Hospital, Nairobi.

Nancy Kitheka, 30, of Kyeni village, Kitui West, will now undergo the surgery to remove a jaw tumour.

The NancyKitheka Med Team and Kitui County Politics groups raised the funds in under 24 hours, beginning 4pm on Tuesday.

Kitheka will have the jaw removed and metal plates implanted.

Group members, including Kitui Senator David Musila, Governor Julius Malombe’s wife Edith and Mwingi West MP Bernard Kitungi, contributed towards the medical support by noon yesterday.

Kitheka’s plight was published by the media last week and the publicity elicited compassion among leaders and Kitui residents.

By 1pm yesterday, enough money had been raised to pay the deposit for the surgery.

Speaking to the press at her home last Friday, Kitheka said she was diagnosed with the tumour last year.

She said she has visited various hospitals in search of treatment.

“I have not been able to get proper medical remedy for my condition for lack of money for the expensive surgery,” Kitheka said.

“I went to Kitui General Hospital and later to Kenyatta National Hospital, but because I am poor, I have not got the desired attention.”

She said at St Mary’s Hospital, she was well received by humane doctors who carried out several scans on her.

“They later took a tissue specimen from the swollen mass and established that the swelling was a tumour,” Kitheka said.


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