Fear that more girls may drop out of school in Kitui


    Primary school girls from Ikutha District, Kitui South queue to receive the precious commodity sanitary towels and panties from a donor at Kalivu Primary School. Parents are now in fear that there will be a rise in school dropout rates among girls after an NGO did their last supply of free sanitary towels in the poverty-stricken area of Kitui County.

    Garden of Hope Foundation has for the last one year partnered with Zana Africa to provide the needy girls with disposable towels and panties in a bid to keep the beneficiaries in school even during their menstrual periods.

    Many people living in the poverty-stricken part of Kitui County fear that their children might quit school due to their inability to deal with problems associated with lack of proper menstrual hygiene among adolescent girls.

    The donor on Tuesday gave out the last consignment of free sanitary towels and panties to over 600 girls from various primary and secondary schools in Ikutha District in Kitui South.


    Source: Nation Media Group

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