Governor’s wife concerned about English in Kitui’s Primary schools


Primary schools in Kitui County will benefit from libraries to advance readership culture among the pupils as research shows that pupils in upper classes in the area cannot read story books for lower classes.

Through Child Welfare International and Kyeni Foundation, all the schools in Kitui County will have libraries as a vindication measure to improve readership in primary schools. Kyeni Founder Edith, wife of Kitui Governor, says the move to have libraries in the schools has been required after research showed many primary school pupils in the county cannot read or speak English.

“If pupils in upper primary classes cannot read story books meant for lower classes, the end result in Class Eight final examinations is contributing greatly to failure in Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams,” she said.

Teachers were also challenged to encourage pupils to read story books for fun and as a habit. “The county has continued to perform poorly in national examinations due to failure by the candidates to master the English language which is used in setting the examinations,” she said.

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