65 Million Mega corruption scandal by Kitui County govt



Voter registration was one of the most hyped event by the county government of Kitui. This saw the exercise get a budget of 65 million from the county government of Kitui.

Local leaders praised Malombe and his administration for this move. We all danced to their song. What general public and possibly the Governor do not know is that a higher percentage of this money went to individual officials in his government

We got some leads on how Kitui County govt squandered 65 million meant for civic education on Voter registration. It is alleged that for the first few days village elders in Township ward under Ward admin Kathoka used to be paid Ksh 1,000.00 per day then in less than a week game changed to Ksh 500.00 day.

The big question is WHO WAS POCKETING THE OTHER KES 500.00?



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