For Ngilu to be KITUI COUNTY governor there is more than mere talk


    Written by Antoh Muinde

    For Charity Kaluki Ngilu to succeed the incumbent Kitui County Governor Mr Dr Julius Malombe he needs a well calculated strategy. Her opponents might use her past record to fight her. It is said that any docket that has been under her watch has had a scandal, ranging from Water ministry, Health and of late Land ministry.

    On 12th March 2016 at Inyuu village she asked electorate to support her bid saying she was the solution to the problems Kitui residents have had before devolution despite having received Ksh 15 billion from the National Treasury.

    Come 2017 there will be political fire in Kitui gubernatorial seat. The seat has some big fish like Incumbent Governor Dr. Julius Malombe, Senator David Musila, Former land CS Charity Ngilu. It has been rumoured that Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga will also be in the race

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