Kitui residents need water more than boda boda sheds


Written by Antoh Muinde

Kitui government ought to be using 80% of its development budget to ensure every home in Kitui has running water. It is very disturbing that in 21st century our people still at least 15 km looking for water. In some areas like interior parts of Kyamatu women and children usually dedicate a whole day purposely to look for the precious commodity, water

It is common sense that if our people get access to clean water, water for irrigation then the disease of relief food could be a thing of past in Kitui county

Though Kitui Governor Mr Dr Malombe has tried to give his people water I fail to understand his development priorities. And no wonder there are more churches than shops in Kitui (Mbuvi- whatsapp, 2016). Could this be the reason that churches and witchcraft are the most trusted institutions in Kitui?

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