This is how Kitui County Govt used 24 million in a week


Written by Antoh Muinde

Governors Malombe’s Sh 24 million bridge at Kalundu towards show ground Swept away by rain less than one week after people started using it. And I can remember people politicking calling Alfred Mutuas 3 month’s tarmarked road which still exists till to date Cinema and PR.

The contractor who was doing this job is famously known as Mohamed. Kituionline team has learnt that instead of the contractor using metallic stands at the side he has used waste plastics and reinforced them with ballast (kokoto) then sprayed/painted them to look like metals.

It’s alleged this is not the first shoddy job that the contractor has done in Kitui county.

There are so many questions than the answers in this thing; who was the engineer from the county government? Was Mohammed the most qualified contractor in that tenders?

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