Koola Waters and Peter Mulei and Sons among ‘Fake’ water brands banned after they failed to meet KEBS Standards.


On Tuesday May 11, 2016 the Kenya Bureau of Statistics (KEBS) released a list of 368 water-bottling firms that have violated the set health standards for water processing.

Kenya Bureaus of Statistics (KEBS) conducted a crackdown on unscrupulous mineral water being sold to unsuspecting public, following an alarm sounded by the Ministry of Health who warned that the mushrooming counterfeit brands of waters were causing water- borne infections.

Incidences of Hepatitis A were first reported in Mombasa County last month, where five ‘fake’ water brands were immediately shut after tests confirmed presence of harmful bacteria and poor hygiene standards.

Some of the brand’s banned include Koola Waters owned by a young entrepreneur from Kitui County and Peter Mulei and Sons branded mineral water; the latter owns a chain of retail supermarkets within Ukambani.

The Kenya Revenue Authority has also indicated that 60 per cent of water and juice in the Kenyan market is counterfeit.
The announcement that kenyans can now verify the safety of bottled water they drink by sending an SMS to 20023 with the brand name came as a relief to many.


Kenya Bureau of Standards Managing Director Charles Ongwae said a response would be received in three seconds on whether a brand is registered or not, at a cost of Ksh 1.
He added that Kenyans should be keen and buy only licensed water brands.

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