Three things will happen to the killers of Jacob Juma.


The killers of Jacob Juma alias JJ will have no peace and will undergo very disturbing deaths by the time the people of Mungare Village, the home of slain hero, are done with the undertaking they began yesterday as they laid JJ’s body to rest.


‘’Elaborate rituals known as ‘Okhusalisia’ will be conducted in the local dialect to avenge JJ’s blood and unleash terror to the people involved.’’ Said a close relative to the late Jacob Juma who also claimed that JJ was his ‘Bakoki’ meaning they were circumcised together.


The clansmen have sent a warning to those who planned Juma’s death, saying that the assailants will have no peace, those who travel by road will be involved in grisly road accidents and those that use air travel will crush and burn to ashes.


The family has vowed not to let the spirit of JJ to rest until these evil people are punished. They will collect the spirit of the late and bring it back home after 40 days as the area of the scene is still under control.


Questions have been raised on how that will be effected but knowing the Luhya strong ritual practise we can only watch the space.


Before Juma’s body was lowered to the ground a close relative went in first and spoke this words, ‘Juma, You only know who claimed your life. As you rest never give them any peace until they pay with the same price.’


The mission to eliminate billionaire businessman and renowned activist Jacob Juma was successful but we will wait to see what will happen to the people behind the killing after 40 days.


People have little trust in the police investigations as a result ritual like this will come in hardy. Meantime, the people of Mungare village, Bumula Constitiency in Bungoma County are on a revenge mission.


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